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Optoma’s UHZ65LV & the Possibility of a Theo Version

Optoma UHZ65LV

Optoma’s UHZ65LV – Brighter Version of UHZ65? Recently, we’ve had a lot of people asking about Optoma’s UHZ65LV. It is touted as a new high brightness 4k laser projector, and it shares the same form factor as the UHZ65 – although the case is white, not black like the UHZ65. We had high hopes, being […]

JVC DLA-NX7 vs TVS Pro Theo-Z65 Lite with Kris Deering – Part II

If you have not read the first part of this blog, you may want to read it – it covers the main differences between the projectors, 4K image sharpness & resolution, HDR color, calibration, and wide color gamut. Black Level Performance and Contrast Deep black levels in home theater give more depth and help make […]

JVC DLA-NX7 vs TVS Pro Theo-Z65 Lite with Kris Deering – Part I

JVC DLA-NX7 vs Theo-Z65 with Kris Deering - Part I

JVC DLA NX-7 with 3.10 Auto Tone Mapping JVC’s new firmware 3.10 is a huge improvement in HDR performance in our opinion. We were very excited to have Kris Deering, a professional calibrator from Deep Dive AV (http://www.deepdiveav.com), calibrate our DLA-NX7 to a near-perfect technical calibration. In the “Frame Adaptive” HDR menu it is possible […]

Optoma 4K UHZ65 vs THEO-Z651 (Part II)

Blog Post UHZ65 vs Upgraded UHZ65 Part II

If you haven’t read the 1st part of this blog post, we recommend reading it first. Optoma 4K UHZ65 vs Upgraded UHZ651 (Part I) Imaging Scaling & Color Mapping One of the great things about increasing contrast and extending the color gamut of a projector is the new look and excitement it can give to […]

Optoma 4K UHZ65 vs THEO-Z651 (Part I)

Blog Post UHZ65 vs Upgraded UHZ65

Introduction The Upgraded UHZ651 is a modification and re-calibration of the Optoma UHZ65 laser 4K UHD projector. The changes are designed to increase the color gamut to achieve over 80% of the wide color gamut for the HDR standard, known as REC 2020, and to improve the black levels and contrast of the projector. The […]