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Optoma UHD65 Home Theater Projector Comparison: Epson Pro Cinema LS10500

Optoma UHD65 vs Epson Pro Cinema LS10500

The comparison between the Optoma UHD65 and the Epson Pro Cinema LS10500 proved to be very interesting. The Epson Pro Cinema LS10500 uses three reflective LCD chips which, like the Sony, are known for their superior black levels (which are very desirable in a good home theater projector). Good blacks, or deep blacks, can result […]

Top 3 Things People Fail to Consider When Buying a Projector

Top 3 Things Forgotten About When Buying a Projector

Want to pay more for a projector than you planned on? Does anyone? Of course not! Here’s the top 3 things people forget to consider when buying a projector that, if taken into consideration, will help you save money over the life of your projector. This applies to any type of projector or use – […]

Professional Display Technology Update- Flat Panels and Projectors

Flat panels How is the 4K market moving along? Very rapidly as you will see below. Applications for command and control, larger digital signage, and museum display are all emerging as new 4K applications. Is it cost effective yet for us to start taking a look at 4K monitors for conference room applications ? Its […]

Sony’s New 3LCD Laser Light Source Projector is a Game-Changer

Several months ago we were able to see the VPL-FHZ55 before it was announced, and we were excited! Because we were under an NDA we couldn’t say anything, but the wait is now over. We recently had the opportunity to test out a prototype and we were very impressed. In our tests, the VPL-FHZ55 appeared […]