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Optoma UHZ65 vs Sony VPL-VW365ES

Optoma UHZ65 vs VPL-VW365ES

Comparing Optoma’s UHZ65 Laser and Sony’s VPL-VW365ES SXRD Projectors With all the controversy and market disturbance of the Optoma UHD65 (the first 4K UHD projector under $2,500) we were anxious to get our hands on the laser version with its claimed higher contrast, wider color gamut, and significantly brighter light output. Even though some of […]

First Look at Sony’s New VPLPHZ10 WUXGA Laser Projector

First Look at Sony’s New VPLPHZ10 WUXGA Laser Projector

Last week, we finally got our hands on a prototype of the new VPL-PHZ10 WUXGA laser projector, Sony’s 4th generation laser projector (keep in mind that because it’s a prototype, it is not the final version of this projector). The VPL-PHZ10 is poised to shake up the current professional projector market – not just because it […]

Sony’s New Laser Projectors Could Blow Competition Away

Sonys new Laser Projectors will blow competition out of water!

Early in February 2017, Sony announced they will be releasing two 4th generation LCD laser projectors in June and August that, according to the information that’s been given, will blow it’s competitors out of the water! As some of you may know, Sony released the world’s first LCD laser projector back in August of 2013 […]

Top 3 Things People Fail to Consider When Buying a Projector

Top 3 Things Forgotten About When Buying a Projector

Want to pay more for a projector than you planned on? Does anyone? Of course not! Here’s the top 3 things people forget to consider when buying a projector that, if taken into consideration, will help you save money over the life of your projector. This applies to any type of projector or use – […]

TVS Pro Helps with New Exhibits at Clark Planetarium

Sony Laser Projectors at Clark Planetarium

Check out the brand new exhibits at Clark Planetarium at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah! They’ve spent all year planning these new exhibits and we’re proud to have been a part of that!  All together, five new laser projectors were integrated and installed – two NEC projectors, two Sony projectors, and one Epson […]