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Canon XC10 Hands-On Review by Uphill Cinema

Here is a hands-on review of the Canon XC10 by Uphill Cinema: Don’t Forget To Subscribe to Uphill Cinema: http://bit.ly/1LxRhNO Canon XC10 Hands-On Review The great guys over at TV Specialists (https://www.tvspecialists.com) let me take out the Canon XC10 for a couple of weeks. I found this camera to be very interesting and fun to use. […]

Part 5: C300 and 1DC

This is a comparison we have had requests to see. Since we had seen the individual tests during the Camera Comparison Seminar earlier this year we were aware of where these cameras fall but since the EOS 1DC is such a different EOS Cinema camera there have been questions as to how these two compare […]

Part 4: Canon C300

In this comparison we can see the difference in design and the results in the actual images from a still optimized sensor camera vs. a motion capture optimized sensor camera. Since both of these cameras are from Canon and they were originally created for two very different purposes it is very interesting to see the […]

Canon C300 Review

I had the opportunity to get some hands on time with the Canon EOS C300, not to long ago and I invited  Holly Tucket from Flying Hat Productions to Join me on this little adventure. We started out by taking the camera to a little park to film some outdoor footage of children playing and […]