San Juan County Council Chambers Remodel

San Juan Council Chambers

San Juan County Council Chambers
Monticello, Utah

San Juan County wanted a modern council chamber with substantial A/V upgrades. The upgrades that were desired, purchased, installed, and programmed included: video matrix capabilities with wireless presentation capabilities to room TV’s and monitor’s, a USB PTZ camera for video conferencing, microphone integration for local sound re-enforcement and USB videoconferencing, video and audio recording and streaming capabilities, speaker upgrades, multi-zone audio, and a control system.

Monitors and TVS were provided by client; all other equipment was provided by, installed, and programmed by TVS Pro.

Owner:San Juan County

General Contractor:HK Consulting

AV Contractor: TVS Pro

AV Project Manager: Dan Austin

Lead Installer: Dave Begay

Programmer: Lonnie Martinez

Key AV Equipment:
Extron control system, audio processing & streaming/recording equipment
Aver PTZ camera
Kramer VIA Connect Pro
Shure Microphones

San Juan Council Chambers
San Juan Council Chambers
San Juan Council Chambers

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