Professional Camera & Accesory Brands We Offer

Did you know that TV Specialists (TVS Pro) invented the very first modified professional video recorder to record Y/C signal without changing formats while maintaining VHS compatibility? Not only do we have knowledge and expertise in the production industry, but we’ve also contributed to the history itself!

We have a proven track record of not only selling professional cameras and their accessories, but understanding the technology, helping others understand it, and training them to use their products to their fullest potential. We have experience with GoPro, 24p frame rate, 4k resolution, drone cinematography, and more. Additionally, we have all the accessories you need from batteries and power, stabilization and support systems, to high-end camera mounted monitors and even video and event switchers.

We’re ahead of the professional camcorder industry in Utah – and always have been! We invite you to call and speak to a specialist today!

What makes TVS Pro Different?