Part 1: BlackMagic Cinema Camera

Part 1: BlackMagic Cinema Camera

We would like cheap jerseys to thank everyone that attended our 37th Annual the Camera Comparison Seminar for help in making it a success! We covered a lot of material with the help of cheap nfl jerseys Director of Photography Roderick Santiano Rossiya and we hope you found our findings beneficial.

2013 Professional Camera Comparison Event:
Finding the Right Camera for the Shot


Results were shown on an 80″ LED display for both sessions

First a big thank you Rod Santiano and all those helped with and attended with our 37th Annual Camera Comparison Event held on February 21st, 2013. This Year we compared the following areas of camera performance and capability:



Results were presented by Ted Bollinger of TVS Pro and Rod Santiano, DP


Cameras compared this year include: Canon EOS-1D CC100, C300C500, XF300 Sony PMW-F3,NEX FS-700,NEX EA-50,PMW-200, Panasonic AGAF100,AGAC-160A, and the Black magic Design Cinema Camera

Close Up small
Click here for full size image of close up

Close up scene used for evaluating subjective detail and codec performance

Next, specific camera comparisons and low light tests will be added during the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

This year is was suggested that in addition to doing the technical evaluation that we also do a more realistic and subjective scene evaluation. So, every test we did this year also included a actual scene evaluation set up and lit by our guest DP, Rod Santiano who also added his observation during the live events. for this first part we wanted to evaluate the cameras native sharpness and detail along with its codec and color sampling. If you look closely (click to enlarge) at this first image Tips of the test samples you will notice some specific areas of the chart that correspond to what we see in the actual scene this post. The green circled areas represent fine detail and resolution while the red circled areas allow us to evaluate the color quality and codec sampling and compression artifacts. As we go through the various cameras these are the areas where this test will show the most differences.

More images will soon be added along with motion videos of each cameras images.

This lighting chart shows the three levels of lighting and the sources of light the levels that Rod determined would put the cameras to ultra low light and sensitivity test.
Lighting Set Up small

First Comparison Part 1  Canon 5D Mark III and Black Magic Design Cinema Camera

Since so many in attendance had either used or owned the Canon 5D Mark II and we had used the new 5D Mark II it was decided to use the 5D Mark III as a reference to compare the other cameras with. The 5D Mark III is a significant wholesale jerseys China improvement over the Mark II as it can record to all I frame files and the moire and aliasing have also been improved. As you watch this video pay particular attention to the areas circled in the Jubileusz chart as this is where you will see the most detail and codec differences. As a side note you will also see differences in dynamic range. (notice the candle detail and highlights)

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