Episode Speakers for Surround Sound

Speaker technology has not changed very much in our lifetime. A design that produced good sound 40 years ago still produces good sound today. Quality materials, quality craftsmanship and a trained ear have always been the ingredients of a great speaker design.

Episode speakers bring together high-performance speaker technology with real-world experience. The result is a line of products that are designed from the outset to perform in your home…not a speaker laboratory.

Episode have not only set out to build a high-performing speaker, but have proved their value by the multiple, raving reviews they’ve received from magazine’s such as Home Theater Review, Electronic House, Sound and Video Contractor, Widescreen Review, and more!

Come in and experience the defining difference with Episode speakers!

Architectural Speakers

Episode Speakers Architectural Speakers

Although speaker technology has not changed very much over time, what has changed-a lot-is how we use the technology. Installing speakers in a wall or ceiling produces unique performance challenges. So do digital audio sources, seven-channel home theater and whole-house audio.

Featuring the Episode® architectural speakers. Episode’s architectural speakers, in-wall or in-ceiling, were built with you in mind, promising to deliver immersive audio experiences that you will remember forever. That infamous movie line, flawless piano solo, or the ultra-realistic sound of your team’s winning game are all perfectly heard—every time.

Other Speakers

Bookshelf & Subwoofers

Episode Bookshelf Speakers & Subwoofers


Episode Soundbars

All-Weather/Outdoor Speakers

Episode Landscape, All-Weather, and Outdoor Speakers

Episode's Approach

Right Ingredients

All Episode speakers were made by materials that were hand selected for their application.

Built To Last

Quality is highly controlled from the fit and finish of the cabinet to the soldering inside of an amplifier.

The Right Company

They’re small enough to see the big picture – and they’re happy not to cut corners that would result in an inferior product.

Lifetime Warranty

Episode speakers were meant to be the last speakers you buy. Ever. Their speakers provide a lifetime of listening pleasure. That’s why they warranty several of their speakers, such as in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, bookshelf speakers, volume controls, and outdoor, planter and rock speakers – for life.