Definitive Technology Speakers

Definitive Technology is the best-selling brand of audiophile grade loudspeakers in the USA. Audio critics and consumers alike praise Definitive loudspeakers for their superior materials, precise workmanship and uncompromising sound quality. Definitive was founded by and is managed today by audiophiles and music enthusiasts for whom achieving audio perfection is a lifetime goal.

Since its inception in 1990, Definitive has won an astounding number of awards and enthusiastic reviews from leading audio/video print magazines and websites.

Hear for yourself why Definitive Technology is the USA’s best-selling brand of high-end loudspeakers for music and movie reproduction in the home.

BP9000 Tower Speakers

Definitive Technology BP9000 Tower Speakers

The arrival of the BP9000 Series ushers true high-performance, full-range sound into a new era. Redesigned from the ground up with improved acoustic materials, machined, aircraft-grade aluminum details, and sharper lines to enhance its minimalist aesthetic, it is the new absolute other speakers can only hope to achieve.

Beyond its striking and visual allure, the entire series is tuned to perfection—totally re-engineered with improvements that cascade across every one of our patented audio technologies. From Forward Focused Bipolar Array, to built-in powered subwoofers, to Intelligent Bass Control, to seamless Dolby Atmos integration and DTS:X compatibility, the BP 9000 Series offers the big, room-filling, yet precise sound you demand with an elegant footprint that makes every single day of ownership a marvel to behold. This is what obsession sounds like.

Ultra Slim On-Wall Speakers

Definitive Technology Mythos Speakers

Mythos Series models are slim, elegant speakers with aircraft grade Aluminum enclosures designed to match the styling of today’s high tech flat panel TVs. Having earned multiple awards and rave reviews, their combination of high tech enclosures and drivers along with their narrow shape produce huge, boxless imaging normally found only in ultra high-end speakers. Combine Mythos main, center and surround models with Definitive powered subwoofers for superior performance home theater systems that look as good as they sound.

Definitive Technology Home Theater Speakers

Complete Home Theater Speaker Systems

Definitive offers a wide variety of loudspeaker types and sizes so that everyone can integrate superb sounding home theaters systems into their homes. Choose from commanding floor-standing systems, convenient on-wall and on-shelf, even built-in systems that can barely be seen.

Definitive Technology In-Wall or In-Ceiling Speakers

In-Wall or In-Ceiling Speakers

When you want the sound quality of big box speakers but don’t want to use any floor or shelf space, flush mount Definitive Technology speakers are the perfect solution. Choose from in-ceiling, in-wall and Bipolar surround speakers and even in-wall subwoofers. Their broad range of reference-quality built-in loudspeakers deliver superb sound from in-wall and in-ceiling installations for home or commercial applications.

Definitive Technology Sound Bar Speakers

Sound Bars

For everyone who cannot or chooses not to use rear channel speakers but wants all the thrills of five-channel surround sound Definitive Technology offers the Solo Surround Array Series. The SSA models incorporate a patented technology to create the illusion that you’re surrounded by five separate speakers. Enjoying a superb sounding surround experience has never been more convenient.