TV and Audio Calibration

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You’ve already invested in a superior surround sound and home theater system to replicate sounds and pictures that were created to capture the full attention of your senses. But did you know that even the most expensive surround sound speakers and home theater systems don’t come calibrated out of the box for optimal performance? We’d highly recommend having a professional calibration service to more fully protect your investment and get the very most out of your home theater system and surround sound – even if your receiver came with some ability to calibrate systems.

Audyssey Audio Calibration

Audyssey Audio Calibration

Based on a decade of university research, Audyssey developed the world’s most advanced room correction technology that automatically calibrates any home theater to deliver optimum performance. Based on 6 years and $6 million of research at the USC Immersive Audio Lab, the newest level of Audyssey audio calibration, MultEQ, delivers accurate, enveloping, and distortion-free sound in any listening environment. It has won numerous awards and is the basis of several other Audyssey technologies. MultEQ has been established as the standard room correction technology for today’s leading audio products.

Many receivers and surround sound systems come with some level of MultEQ. Our specialists can take your system to the next level with MultEQ Pro. With MultEQ, our specialists can sample more points (up to 32!) in your room and customize the sound more precisely to the specific problems in your room, and tailor the sound to your personal preferences. We are equipped with a professional-grade microphone and preamp that are calibrated to the highest industry standards for the most accurate measurements. In addition, our certified installer can provide you with a visual representation of the correction that was made to the listening environment – so you can hear and see the MultEQ Pro difference.


What are the benefits of calibration?

There are many benefits to having a surround sound system or audio system calibrated.

Room acoustics, or even limitations of equipment, can greatly degrade the home theater listening experience. This reflects poorly on AV receiver makers whose devices are responsible for the quality of the experience. In many homes, smaller speakers are used resulting in weak bass performance.

Based on a decade of university research, Audyssey developed the world’s most advanced room correction technology that automatically calibrates any home theater to deliver optimum performance – whether the acoustical architecture, or your speaker setup, in your home is ideal or less-optimal.

My receiver came with Audyssey technology do I need more than that?

The level of Audyssey audio adjustments that are provided with surround sound systems and receivers is a great start. However, if you want the very most from your system, we’d recommend having your system professionally calibrated by one of our specialists.

If you choose to do it yourself, the maximum number of positions that can be measured from are 6-8. With our professional services the maximum number of positions that can be measure from are 32 – allowing for much finer tuning! The kit that comes with your surround sound receiver comes with a consumer-grade microphone, but our professional microphone is calibrated to the highest industry standards for most accurate measurement possible – so we capture, more precisely, your environment and system before calibrating it for you.

There are even more additional benefits to a professional calibration service such as additional target sound curve options, more accurate sound blending between the sub and the other speakers, and we can even provide you with a printed-out certificate that displays the sound improvements made to your system.

color calibration separator

Video & Color Calibration

Adjusting for superior surround sound is only part of the services our friendly professionals offer. To allow you to experience you display system in a brand new way – with vibrant live colors and incredible detail, we also offer professional video calibration.

With advances in HDTV, and now ultra 4K resolution, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest technology and how to make them look their best. With advances like 3D color management utilities, multiple video processing engines to test/deploy/optimize, multiple point RGB Gamma options, and HDMI/HDCP/EEDID test capabilities, our experience professionals are here to help navigate effectively through those systems and give you the best picture that your display was designed to show.

We are a certified dealer for the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) who has been dedicated to improving the quality of electronic imaging since 1994 – to help provide you superior service, superb pictures and superior service.

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