Cinema Lens Or Photography Lens?

Cinema Lens Or Photography Lens?
Just because it’s cinema glass, doesn’t mean you should use it. Sometimes we forget the reason why we need a piece of equipment, and how we are going to use it. For me, I prefer photography glass, because I’m usually a one man crew, or a crew of no more than 5. Focus pulling is a full time job, and for me, that just isn’t an option. So, for me I choose photography lens over the big and beautiful cinema glass.
Now, with that said, If I do have a bigger crew, and/or a larger scale project, actors, marks, scrips and so forth, I would for sure go with the cinema lens. The markings on cinema lens make them 100% easier to hit your mark. The extra aperture blades make the bokeh more round and creamy, and there’s just something about a big piece of cinema glass in your hands that makes a cinematographer cry.
So, before you rush out and purchase that cinema prime, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” “Will this add value to my story?” “What type of shooting will I be doing?”

I have to thank the guys over at TV Specialist Inc. for all their help and equipment. Go check them out.
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