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DJI – Moving Forward (Not Just Upward)

(Photo: David Hartung For Forbes) Say hello to Frank Wang! He is the 34 yr. old President and CEO of the very popular DJI company from Shenzen, China. Currently owning 46% and according to Forbe’s is the world’s newest billionaire. I wonder, when he founded the company in 2006 with 20 employees, if he imagined […]

XAVC – Sony’s New 4K Codec

As 4K technology becomes more available on the market, manufacturers needed to come up with a way to bring down the size of data that 4K can bring along with it.  As more cameras and flat panel LCD’s come out being able to do 4K resolution Sony decided to develop a new codec to make […]

Black Magic Pocket Camera

I’ve had a chance to go and shoot with the BMPC twice now and I’ve had a mixed experience with the camera. My first thought when I got my hands on this camera was “Wow, this thing is tiny!” it reminded me of the Canon HV20 when it first came out – a lot of […]

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial Cinematography testing with the new H3-2D gimbal and Phantom quadcopter has begun at TVS Pro. Here is the first test video and keep in mind it was shot at 24 fps and the YouTube playback adds some additional hesitation (will depend somewhat on your graphics card and download speed) and frame skipping that is not there in the […]