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Top 3 Ways to Leverage Financing for AV Equipment

Leveraging Financing for AV Equipment

Taking the First Step Whether you are with a large corporation, a small company, or are just looking at your expenses, when you are ready to add or upgrade your audio and video capabilities, you have to think about the financing options that are available to you. Taking the time to determine how you plan […]

Drone Use in Utah – Utah Department of Natural Resources

Drone Use in Government Agencies Over the past few years more industries and local and federal government agencies are discovering and finding new ways to use drones – and not just for pretty aerial imagery. DJI has shown numerous industries using their drones in action, including public safety, construction, and energy – in addition to […]

RED Gemini 5K: Dual Sensitivity, or Double Trouble?

Capture The Best Of Both Worlds? RED’s Gemini 5K sensor has been out for a few months now, though it’s still not yet readily available; waiting lists still exist out there. The response to RED’s latest “weapon” in their arsenal has been far greater than they had expected. In fact, you could expect to wait […]

5 Reasons Why Tricaster is not for a One Man Band

The TriCaster Advanced Edition series of switchers are great live production switcher for medium to large productions, but might be a bit overkill for smaller one-man-band productions. And, there are a few reasons they are not a “one Man Band”… 1. Bulky The world of live production switchers is being flooded with mobile, backpack-sized switcher […]

DJI’s Zenmuse X7 S35 Camera Review

If you haven’t yet, I’d highly recommend watching our Youtube video review first – as they both compliment each other. But if you’ve already seen it – feel free to scroll past it. DJI’s Zenmuse X7 S35 6K Images As we suspected, YouTube limited our upload to a 4K resolution. And if you’re wondering what […]