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Professional Display Technology Update- Flat Panels and Projectors

Flat panels How is the 4K market moving along? Very rapidly as you will see below. Applications for command and control, larger digital signage, and museum display are all emerging as new 4K applications. Is it cost effective yet for us to start taking a look at 4K monitors for conference room applications ? Its […]

Sony Advanced Display Technology Tour at TVS

Standing room only at Special Sony Technology Event at TVS main showroom on June 5th. We appreciate the incredible attendance at the Sony Display Technology event at our main showroom in SLC on the 5th of May. Many local universities, corporations, and AV professionals were in attendance. In addition to a detailed presentation which outlined these new technologies, there were four […]

Why 4k?

Many people have asked why 4K is important or needed, and how it compares to our current High Definition quality. To give a comparison the standard of what we’re used to seeing currently in the home on most consumer flat panels is 1920×1080 or Full high definition. While in Movie theaters they have a different […]

2013 NAB Highlights (Staff-Picked )

Ninja 2- Atomos Ninja 2 camera-mounted recorder offers high quality 10-bit 4:2:2 video recording in a light weight, ultra-compact, aluminum enclosure. The Ninja 2 records in real-time to removable 2.5 inch hard disks (either SSD or HDD), in either Apple ProRes or Avid DHxHD format for quick transfer to the editing desk of your choice. By […]