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Service and Serviceability of Consumer Electronics

How Service Used to be: In 1951 when commercial color television broadcasts began, Ken Bollinger was managing a repair department for a TV distributor. The distributor was poorly managed and a couple of years later went out of business. Ken saw the demand for TV repair and decided to start his own business by repairing […]

AV Solutions blog-Fall Open House Results Part 1

After months of waiting with much anticipation since Infocomm 2014, we have finally been able to do side-by-side and up-close comparisons of the new game-changing projectors from Epson, Panasonic and Sony. What we discovered was a very pleasant surprise, and one that will affect much of today’s AV installations in classrooms and conference rooms. Panasonic, […]

Professional Display Technology Update- Flat Panels and Projectors

Flat panels How is the 4K market moving along? Very rapidly as you will see below. Applications for command and control, larger digital signage, and museum display are all emerging as new 4K applications. Is it cost effective yet for us to start taking a look at 4K monitors for conference room applications ? Its […]

4K Image Torture Test | Part 1

In our annual camera comparison for 2014 we wanted to see how the new mid-range 4K cameras compared to each other relative to their exposure latitude, image grain, and basic color characteristics. We created a scene which is almost impossible to capture while keeping both the shadow and highlight detail. As you can see from […]

Why 4k?

Many people have asked why 4K is important or needed, and how it compares to our current High Definition quality. To give a comparison the standard of what we’re used to seeing currently in the home on most consumer flat panels is 1920×1080 or Full high definition. While in Movie theaters they have a different […]