Canon XC10 Hands-On Review by Uphill Cinema

Here is a hands-on review of the Canon XC10 by Uphill Cinema:
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Canon XC10 Hands-On Review
The great guys over at TV Specialists ( let me take out the Canon XC10 for a couple of weeks. I found this camera to be very interesting and fun to use. 4k internal, 8bit 4.2.2 with Canon’s MXF Wrapper (I had to google more about this) and 308 Mbps, makes this camera pretty compelling, but to who?
With a fix lens, f2.8 to f5.6 aperture, a 1 inch sensor and no XLR inputs, this camera doesn’t give you some of the professional features we need and are used to. What it does give you is an amazing picture quality, and the ability to grab and go without worries. Having everything you need, but maybe not everything you want right at your finger tips.
I think that’s why at NAB the Canon’s reps talked about it being focused at the video journalist, which I agree. I really enjoyed this camera, and had it with me almost everyday. With its small size, wonderful hand grip, and amazing picture quality, I can imagine someone wanting this camera for an out-of-the-box 4k solution, targeted at the video journalist.

-Levi Whitney

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I have to give a shout out to Curtis Judd for helping me film this. I look forward to working with him on more projects. Make sure you check out his channel.…

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