Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t buy it from you. Will you fix it for me?

No, we only repair equipment that we sold, unless it’s under warranty and you were referred to us by a manufacturer.

Do you still sell lamps/bulbs/replacement remotes and other parts?

Yes, but you may want to call us first (801-486-7555) as most parts are special order.

My TV screen is cracked. Can you fix it?

No, it is not economical to repair broken screens.

My equipment is 8 years old (or older). Can you repair it?

As a general rule, we do not work on equipment over 8 years old due to various challenges. Please talk to your sales person to learn more.

How long will a repair take?

Repair time will vary depending on the problem. If parts are needed, that can add an additional 7-10 business days, or if parts are hard to find, it can take up to several months.

How long is the repair warranty?

All units repaired will have a 30-day labor warranty and a 90-day parts warranty – whether the parts are new or used.

If my TV or video set is not repairable - then what?

We offer a variety of new TV’s in our showroom. See a sales person to learn more.

Did You Know?

lcd tv repair service

Formerly known as TV Specialists, TVS Pro was founded in 1953, by Ken Bollinger, as a repair and service organization. Due to shifts in the market, we now offer sales of Broadcast and Professional products (including video production), Rentals, and Home Video Electronics under the name TVS Pro.  Although we no longer provide service & repair on products not purchased from us, we still provide diagnostics (video equipment & tv repair service), and labor – for products we’ve sold.