Common Projector and TV Problems - and what you might be able do about them

Multi colored lines from top to bottom of picture

If colored lines (1 to 10 lines) are going from the Top to the Bottom of the screen, the LCD TV may be failing. The only remedy for this problem
is to replace the LCD TV which can be very costly. If the lines are across the entire screen, then most likely the LCD TV is ok and another component is causing the issue. In the case where a TV failure is suspected, please don’t just dispose of the set, we offer a free and responsible recycling and disposal service. Call for details 801-486-7555

Spider lines extending from a localized point on the screen

This problem is similar to the above problem except is usually happens when something has hit the screen and the internal glass is broken. The only repair solution is to replace the LCD TV. See the recycling area for more information.

The TV set or Projector is completely dead with no lights at all.
This is generally caused by a power supply failure – but not always. Sometimes something just needs to be reset. The cost of repairing power supplies can be relatively inexpensive.
The TV set or Projector won't power up and is blinking the power light
If the TV set or projector will not start up normally and has blinking lights it usually means the self diagnostic system has detected a problem and the unit may need to be serviced. In some cases, unplugging the power from the unit and waiting for a few minutes before plugging it back in may correct the problem. If problem still exists then it will need to be serviced.
The TV set or Projector is making a funny noise or smell
In most cases when a TV or projector is making unusual sounds or smells, it is an indication that something is wrong with the unit. It should be turned off immediately, unplugged, and brought in for service to determine the cause of the problem. Continuing to use a TV or Projector that has a problem may cause extra damage and cost more to repair.
A particular input is not working on my projector or TV set
In some cases where an input refuses to operate, it may just be a confused input port. Unplugging the power from both the signal source and the TV or the projector could possibly correct the problem and should be tried before bringing in a unit for repair.
The TV set won't tune to digital channels
In most cases when a particular TV won’t receive the digital channels, we have found that the TV set was manufactured before digital tuners were required and the TV does not have the capability to receive them. Other reasons may be is that the tuner system has been set to “Cable” mode which will result in no channels found when a channel scan is performed. Make sure the tuner setting is set to “AIR” mode, then scan channels again. If it is an older TV without a digital tuner an external converter box is required to receive digital channels.
The TV set has sound but no picture
If a TV set has normal sound, but a black screen it is a good indication that the backlight system has a fault of some sort. Sometimes an image can
be seen in the background of a dark screen. In most all situations this can be repaired at a reasonable cost. LCD panel replacement is not required with this type of failure, even with the LED backlit TV sets.
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