LCD TV Repair Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing! We provide our TV recycling service free of charge. Bring by your unwanted LED, LCD, or Plasma TV between 9AM-6PM, M-F. Some restrictions may apply. We DO NOT ACCEPT CRT TVs. Call for details (801-486-7555).

See general rates for the rates of each type of unit. When a unit is brought in, we will provide a free guesstimate at the counter.

We will provide a free, approximate over-the-counter estimate for the repair when the unit is brought in. If the cost of the repair exceeds the original counter estimate for the given type of unit, the customer will be notified and asked for further approval of costs.

LCD TV Repair Service

We make every effort to keep repair costs low. We provide estimates at the counter when a unit is brought in. The counter estimate costs are generally far below the cost for a new set. Refer to the general rates.

With the approval of the counter estimate, we are able to expedite the repair because we do not have to stop the repair process and obtain an estimate approval, which can potentially add many days to the repair time.

In order to keep repair costs low, we ask for your approval for the use of used parts when available. The warranty on used parts is the same as new parts. When used parts are used, the repair invoice will clearly indicate and identify a used part was installed.

All units repaired will have a 30 day labor warranty and a 90 day parts warranty – whether the parts are new or used.

When a unit is brought in, our trained counter personnel will give you a counter estimate. They can generally, and quickly, evaluate your unit and determine if the repair cost will be less expensive than purchasing a new item.

If you decide the set is too costly to repair and you no longer want it, we provide a recycling program to dispose of it in a sustainable responsible manner. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay you for units left for disposal and recycling. A portion of the parts that are recovered help offset the labor costs of dismantling and disposal of unusable portions of unit in accordance with E-waste disposal laws.

For additional questions please contact us online or call us at 801-486-7555

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LCD TV Repair Service