TVS Pro, is a sales and install organization specializing in providing best value professional audio and video products and solutions. Our focus is on commercial, government, and higher education customers within the state of Utah. We can provide customized AV solutions with local on-site consultations and support.

TVS Pro is located at:
180 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Business hours are:
Monday through Friday, 9:00 am. to 6:00 pm MST.

Is T.V.S. Pro the same company as TV Specialists, Inc?

Yes. T.V.S. Pro was founded as TV Specialists, Inc. in 1953. In order to better reflect the video electronic industry of today and the type of products and services we now offer, in 2013 (our 60th anniversary) TV Specialists, Inc. began doing business as T.V.S. Pro. We still are locally owned and family operated.

T.V.S. Pro stands for ‘TV Specialists Pro’ and is pronounced T V S Pro (with all letters in ‘TVS’ said separately – not TV plural).

Can I purchase product online?

Yes. We offer some products online to the public. However, due to some contracts, we are not allowed to sell, or even list some products online. For state and government purchasing and pricing we have special portals. We are able to set up additional portals for those agencies who are integrated with Jaggaer/Sciquest.

Can I get a quote or a price on product?

Some pricing is available to the public via a simple search. For additional products, quantity and contract pricing, please contact us online or call 801-486-5757 (M-F 9am-6pm) for a quicker response.

Can T.V.S. Pro order products they don't normally carry?

Yes, we can order many products we don’t stock regularly. In most cases we are able to order anything within the product lines or brands that we carry and have authorized access too. However, sometimes an extra cost is added or a delay in shipment might occur.

Do you offer repair services?

Although we were originally founded as a service/repair organization in 1953, due to the industry changes and the cost to repair AV equipment, we no longer repair or service products not purchased from TVS Pro. We still provide support & service on products we’ve sold. Read more about our repair service here.

Do you sell Computers?

No, we don’t sell computers or office equipment unless it is related to AV & presentation (such as projectors and video conferencing equipment). We do not sell printers.

Do you buy or sell used equipment?

No. However, we sometimes sell our showroom and demo models at a lower cost. Demo models and clearance items can be found here.

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