TVS Pro, a division of TV Specialists, Inc., is a sales and service organization specializing in professional and consumer television, communication, and entertainment systems and products. Because we don’t sell or repair household appliances we are able to specialize in video electronics and extend our knowledge to our customers – helping them to understand their options and get the best value.

TV Specialists was founded in 1953, by Ken Bollinger, as a repair and service organization. In order to better reflect the video electronic industry of today and the type of products and services we now offer, in 2013 (our 60th anniversary) TV Specialists, Inc. made a new division called TVS Pro. Today, TVS Pro is comprised of four departments — Broadcast and Professional sales (including video production equipment), Service and System Integration, Rentals, and Home Video Electronics.

Our Mission Statement

To provide cost efficient electronic products and services by developing long term positive relationships through mutual trust and respect, based on the highest level of integrity, courtesy and product knowledge.

Why TVS Pro?

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