TVS Pro is a sales and install organization specializing in providing best value professional audio and video products and solutions. Our focus is on commercial, government, and higher education customers within the state of Utah. We can provide customized AV solutions with local on-site consultations and support.

TV Specialists was founded in 1953, by Ken Bollinger, as a repair and service organization. In order to better reflect the video electronic industry of today and the type of products and services we now offer, in 2013 (our 60th anniversary) TV Specialists, Inc. began doing business as T.V.S. Pro. It stands for ‘TV Specialists Pro’ and is pronounced T V S Pro (with all letters in ‘TVS’ said separately – not TVs plural). Today, T.V.S. Pro primarily offers Professional AV equipment, System Integration services, and Home Video Electronics.

Our Mission Statement

To Improve your AV experience.

Why TVS Pro?

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