Sony A7R II Hands-On Review

Just saying the name alone makes you feel powerful.
To start this off, there are a ton of reviews out there showing the features of this camera. I decided to hit the features that I use, and to see if this is a practical camera for my needs. 
With that said, there are still things I didn’t cover. Like the amazing EVF, the terrible battery life, Sonys IBIS, and much much more. 
I also forgot to mention that 90% of this was shot handheld, which shows how amazing the IBIS is on the A7R II. 
As I’ve said many times, you have to get the camera that’s right for your personal story telling journey. There’s no perfect camera out there, but the Sony A7R II shows us you can pack in a ton of features in a palm size body. I tip my hat to you, Sony, for pushing the boundaries with this small powerhouse of a camera. 

– Levi

A7R II TV Specialists Inc.

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