Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a form of electronic display, usually on flat panel televisions or monitors It might show television programing, public information such as local events, advertising, menus, or specific video clips or other information or messages. Chances are you have seen an example of digital signage, you may just not have know what to call it. Examples of digital signage range from flight information found at airports to television/ monitors found in retail stores with advertising or product information.

 Digital Signage

 Digital Signage is becoming the platform of choice for internal communications. An increasing number of companies and organizations use this platform to communicate to their staff, attributing to creation of a true and coherent corporate entity supporting the team spirit.


 There are various ways of delivering digital content to these displays and the content (what is being displayed) may be scheduled, so that certain things play at specified times. Digital signage is found to be an effective solution to delivering information, and is used in many schools, businessses, government buildings, and retail environments such as malls and even grocery stores.

 Digital Signage

TV Specialists has the knowedge and experience to help you figure out what your needs are and to provide you with the best solutions. Whether it is a single display with very simple text or images, to elaborate multi display video-walls for command and control, or you simply want a video wall to display art. Call or visit us to speak to a specialist!

Digital SignageDigital Signage